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Thursday, June 10, 2010

And there was I thinking the USA was in the West. Oh wait, New Jersey's in the East so that doesn't count

I recently described the seldom-consistent Uncle Jimmy as reminding me of Private Eye's Glenda Slag. Today he has posted an interminable anti-Hamas rant culled from a number of sources, but he does add some comments of his own. Commenting on a video (admittedly very unpleasant) for schoolchildren by Hamas he asks:

Is there a western equivalent ANYwhere? No, of course not. We do not indoctrinate our liberalised children.

Yet only last September Jimmy was bleating about the "brainwashing" of American children who were filmed singing songs in praise of their president. Here's what he had to say about it:

Schools and the malleable minds of young children are not suitable material for this atrocious brainwashing. It is reminiscent of a period of national condition that we Europeans, at least, will and should never forget.

Well, it didn't take Jimmy long to forget his accusations of atrocious braiwashing of schoolchildren when he came to claim that "we don't indoctrinate our liberalised children".


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