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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

And now before I lose my temper......

For Pete's sake, someone start a song:

An appropriate piece: the song is clalled for to defuse a mighty row, it has a marine theme, and the opera from which it comes begins with an inquest and contains a death caused by insensitive negligence.

Not long before that song we have Grimes's great solo. This too seems apposite: I am beginning to believe that for the Israeli regime, this will turn out to be a public relations disaster too far, and that turning skies back and beginning again will be beyond even their hasbara skills.

Now the great Bear and Pleiades
where earth moves
Are drawing up the clouds
of human grief
Breathing solemnity in the deep night.
Who can decipher
In storm or starlight
The written character
of a friendly fate –
As the sky turns, the world for us to change?
But if the horoscope's
Like a flashing turmoil
of a shoal of herring,
Who can turn skies back and begin again?


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