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Sunday, June 06, 2010

And as for Eurovision...

I was performing a concert of Nielsen and Sibelius while the 2010 final was on, but recorded it, as indeed I did both semifinals. While I know the results, I've so far only watched the first semifinal in full.

I must say I don't think the German entry deserved to win, nor do I think the UK deserved to come last. Funnily enough the entry from Belarus did nearly as badly as we did and I really liked that:

I enjoyed Moldova's entry as well. In the semifinal they still had the fluorescent violin though they seem to have lost that for the final. Ah weel....

Albania's entry was fun:

While Slovakia's Kristina (who sadly didn't make the final) had a reasonably nice song and is possibly the most beautiful woman to grace the competition since Nicole, who won it for Germany 28 years ago: