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Friday, May 07, 2010

We do things differently in Scotland

As at 0300 an interesting situation in the election. Still no result in my own constituency, but a big swing to Labour (and generally against the Conservatives) in Scotland, where the Tories will probably lose their single seat. Given the swing to the Conservatives in England, there is the possibility of an English Conservative government ruling a Scotland with no Conservative MPs, a situation from which the SNP will surely make a lot of capital. Though a Labour-LD coalition looks even more likely, which would be good. (Update: the Conservatives now have one seat in Scotland.)

As I type, Alistair Darling has just held his seat in the constituency next to ours.

Good to see Peter Wishart (formerly Runrig's keyboard player) keeping his seat for the SNP in Perth.

I was trying to find a clip of a sketch I remember from my youth with Spike Milligan as a teller counting voting papers. "27,291......27,292........27,293......." and then being interrupted by someone bringing him a very welcome cup of tea. When he goes to resume his count he gradually realises he's lost his place, before heaving a huge sigh and beginning "1.....2......3......4....". Haven't found it so far (I tried dropping Millingan's name in case I was misremembering a sketch by, say, Michael Bentine, but still nothing. If anyone finds it do please let me know.

Update: our constituency (Edinburgh South) has returned a Labour MP. Yay! I like the way that in his acceptance speech he apologised for being the only Labour member so far in Scotland to be returned with a reduced majority (316, after at least one recount). Well, it was one of the most marginal Labour seats in Britain, and the sitting MP had retired so we had a new and untried candidate. Sometimes one's vote genuinely counts, and here mine did. Excellent.


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