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Friday, May 07, 2010

Vote vole

In the run-up to an election every household gets a lot of junk mail from candidates, and ours has been no exception. We've probably escaped the worst excesses because there are only five candidates in our constituency: it must be far worse where there are a dozen or so.

My normal procedure is to bin the ones that aren't in envelopes (usually without reading them). Where they come in envelopes I open them up so I can separate the envelope before recycling, but I do have a quick look to make sure it is electoral junk first. This led a couple of days ago to a wonderful moment as I worked my way through three or four such envelopes. I opened them up, read the slogans, binned the contents. Then I opened one and read the first line

Building a safer future for

and was about to bin it when I read the second

water voles

A perfectly timed communication from the People's Trust for Endangered Species which gave us all a laugh. As far as I can tell PTES didn't set out to mimic the style of an election blurb - that's just how it appeared as it came out of the envelope.


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