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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Video Fun Partie Deux: Dorothée

I've also been listening to Dorothée in the car this week. You may not have heard of Dorothée, but back when our children were small we played a lot of her tapes to them (provided by friends who visited France a lot). They're great fun and demonstrate the seemingly endless appetite of the French for retro pop. Witty lyrics (in French, but her pronunciation is so clear theylre easy to pick out) and catchy tunes. Most importantly, fun for the adults as well as the kids. Apart from The Singing Kettle (if you're Scottish) we didn't have much to touch her. Awesome.

Every Dorothée record has a Valise song, detailing (on some excuse or other) the contents of her suitcase. In the best tradition of children's songs, the suitcase usually contains pretty much the same things (in varying orders). It ALWAYS contains her chausettes rouges et jaunes a petits pois. Well, you couldn't omit the red and yellow spotty socks, now could you? Here is my favourite of her many, many, valises. I hope you agree it has an ear-wormish quality:


At 03 May, 2010 17:18, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

She is so bright and chipper, no matter the language.

At 07 May, 2010 01:43, Blogger Rob said...

Indeed she is: but then I suppose singers who aim mostly at the childrsns' market usually are.


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