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Friday, May 07, 2010

Stood up, was counted (several times)

It is heartening to think that one's vote has made a real difference. Ian Murray has a majority of 316, one of them being me. It's clear that every Labour seat is precious right now, so while I have no special problem with the Lib Dems other than the ones I have already bored you with, I'm glad to have added to the red tally on all those election graphics rather than to the yellow one. Especially with Nick Clegg making noises about how he thinks the Conservatives should form the next government. I must admit I had hitherto assumed that the "Vote Lib Dem, get the Tories" slogan was just that - a slogan. If Clegg really does throw in his lot with Cameron then this may well be the last election at which they're not wiped out, as all the LD supporters I know (in many dofferent places) would be utterly horrified.

Anyway, my work here is done.


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