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Friday, May 07, 2010

So now we know

An interesting aside on the story that Nigel Farage, former leader of the UK Independence Party, was injured in a light aircraft accident yesterday is that Uncle Jimmy has shown his hand. Previously his campaigning in this election has been wholly negative, sniping at Gordon Brown, sniping at Labour, dismissing the Liberal Democrats while saying very little about the Conservatives (and that mostly irrelevant). But now we know what I always suspected: he supports UKIP. Look at his headline for the Farage story:

Nigel Farage plane accident. One MP we can be sure about well before the count.

Note the "we". And he links to a Daily Mail report thus:

And this from the Daily Mail, many of whose readers will instinctively support Nigel Farage, UKIP’s former leader and parliamentary candidate (that’ll be a definite now.)

Definite, Jimmy? Hubris, much?

Foreign readers may be puzzled when they look at the list of candidates in the Buckingham seat Mr Farage is contesting. There is John Bercow (the incumbent Conservative MP), Nigel Farage, and then a number of independents and fringe parties (i.e. even more fringe than UKIP). This is because John Bercow is the Speaker of the House Of Commons, and there is a convention (mostly honoured) in British politics that the other parties do not run against the speaker. That means little if you're a Monster Raving Loony and unlikely to take many votes from him. It also clearly means little if you're Nigel Farage, which is another reason to hope he loses. I don't want any more Tories in the Commons, but I want UKIP (BNP-lite) even less.

Votes are still being counted in Buckingham, but if Farage doesn't get in then UKIP will have a grand total of....let me see....oh yes, NO MPs.

I hope Farage makes a full recovery so that he can witness his to-be-hoped-for dumping by the elctorate. Personally I'd love it if the Raving Loony pushed him into third place - and why would he not?

Update: Farage was pushed into third place, not by the Raving Loony but by the Campaign for Democracy In Buckingham, whose candidate had toured the town (or maybe hired someone else to do it) dressed a a dolphin. Good enough.


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