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Monday, May 24, 2010

Result (bis)

Two excellent results on Saturday night: first, Danielle Hope won Over The Rainbow, and second, Inter Milan won the Champions League final.

Our family have been following Over The Rainbow for the entire series. It's a BBC show whose end result is the selection of a leading lady for Andrew Lloyd Webber's forthcoming West End production of The Wizard of Oz. It follows similar shows which selected a Maria for The Sound of Music, a Joseph (of the Technicolor Dreamcoat kind) and a Nancy for Oliver! There have been many times when we felt the candidates voted off by the TV audience were not the weakest at the time, in general the Saunders family agreed on a shortlist (there was some dissent over the matter of Jessica, whom neither Saunders child liked but both adults did - though we agreed she wasn't ideal for the specific role of Dorothy).

Anyway, we were all happy with the eventual winner. Hilary and I were playing in a concert at the time of the final so couldn't vote, but our children did the honours and contributed to Danielle Hope's win. While I doubt we'll get to see her as Dorothy, I look forward to seeing her in some future production (as no doubt we shall see many high-ranked losers).

Here is Danielle knocking everyone's socks off with Mambo Italiano in a previous round:

Meanwhile, Inter Milan were putting the ball into the back of Bayern Munich's goal twice, both times courtesy of Diego Milito. A fine way for Jose Mourinho to bow out as manager of the club, adding the Champions League to the domestic Scudetto and the Coppa Italia.

Here is a clip showing both Milito's goals. The second is positively jaw-dropping in the ease with which he evades the Bayern defender.

Though not quite as awesome as my all-time favourite goal which comes from Inter's great rivals AC Milan. Here they are playing Verona, and the mighty George Weah scores from a corner. the thing is, it was a Verona corner, and he ran the entire length of the pitch, evading (I think) 8 Verona defenders before scoring. A true classic:


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