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Friday, May 14, 2010

Pinkwashing homophobia

Of course it isn't just Elie Wiesel who tells lies to make Israel look better than it is. We are all used to hearing the steady dripping of Islamophobes bemoaning the dreadful situation for gays in Arab countries. Which is true enough, but these same pink crusaders never seem to take equal umbrage at the treatment of gays in Israel (in the same way, they complain at the religious police who enforce Islamic dress codes on women while ignoring the similar thugs enforcing Orthodox dress codes in many parts of Israel). Here is Israel's ambassador to Denmark speaking at the "gay Olympics" in Copenhagen:

"Most of us take for granted the equality of sexual minorities and the struggle for their rights. Unfortunately reality is different for the majority of homosexuals in most other places in the region (the Middle East), where gays and lesbians suffer from persecution, violence, and murder."

Five days after that speech, two gays were killed and a dozen injured by a gunamn in a gay drop-in centre in Tel Aviv.

Read all about it.

As Israel's apologists are so fond of saying, Western liberals must stop judging Israel by different standards from those applied to other countries. Indeed we must.


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