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Friday, May 28, 2010

"The only democracy in the region" always puts me in mind of "The only gay in the village"

---and Israel's supporters' whining of "antisemitism!" whenever Israel is caught out doing something illegal, immoral, or embarrassingly undemocratic reminds me of Daffyd's scattergun accusations of homophobia. (And now I need a shower to get rid of the image of Alan Dershowitz in a rubber suit......")

See here.

And here.

More on the story of Israel's nukes

(I like the bit where in this so-called democracy "the chief censor, an army general, is entitled by law to block publication of anything that might, in the censor’s judgment, damage the state of Israel." Sweet.)

And of course the government can lock up indefinitely on trumped-up charges ("talking to foreigners" !) anyone like Mordechai Vanunu who blows the gaff on Israel's illegal WMDs. Even after he's served his sentence (shameful in itself) and supposedly been released. Isn't democracy wonderful?


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