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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Now David Cameron has the nuclear codes. Duck and cover.....

So now it's official: vote for the Liberal Democrats, get the Tories.

When Margaret Thatcher was elected in 1979 I worked in a Civil Service office where we had a swear box (contents went towards office nights out). The morning after that election I remember walking into the office and wordlessly putting £5 into the box (to a good deal of laughter and cheering - well, it was a small room and there were no Tory supporters in it).

At least on that occasion the people responsible for the Conservative victory were Conservative voters. This time it's Nick Clegg, with a major contribution from Labour ex-ministers such as Charles Clarke, David Blunkett and John Reid who did their utmost (successfully as it turned out) to derail any Labour-LibDem coalition. (Reid, Clarke and Blunkett: it would be hard to find a more odious trio of Blairite toadies. Reid and Clarke aren't even MPs but still considered it their God-given right to protect NuLabour form being tainted with wicked socialism by a coalition. Better by far to have a Conservative government to continue the Blairite agenda. They must be so proud.)

I know some Lib Dem voters who have said that they won't be voting Lib Dem again, ever. And now even if I ended up in a constituency where they were the only opposition to the Tories, neither would I. The Tories are bastards but they're honest bastards who don't pretend to be social democrats, so why would I prefer the Lib Dems to them any more? And as for any referendum on voting reform, if the Tories grant Clegg such an unlikely thing: forget it. The main beneficiaries (apart from the BNP and UKIP) would be the Lib Dems, so I am minded to vote for a continuation of First Past the Post, thank you very much.

I confidently expect that this experiment will kill off the Liberal Democrats as a political force for the rest of my lifetime if not forever. I hope it will.


At 11 May, 2010 23:08, Blogger Eddie Louise said...

Oh no! That really sucks for Scotland.

I am somewhat shocked that the Lib Dems 'sold out' for power. I can't imagine the Tories gave them anything real or that they will have any truly formative role in government.

{sigh} Politics suck on *both* sides of the pond!

At 12 May, 2010 04:13, Blogger Rob said...

Yup. Still, I get to do a Les Mis parody post, which may be the last thing I can laugh about for a while.....


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