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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More collusion in terror by the UK government

Craig Murray has a good post on evidence regarding the Israeli death squad in Dubai (the ones who pretended to be British and put us all at risk),

Funnily enough, although he accepts that the new government is totally Conservative-dominated, and notes that the "National Security Advisor" is a torture supporter and that this bodes ill for any improvements to civil rights, Murray supports the ConDem coalition. While I share his loathing of Blair and all his works I find it impossible to see this bunch of chancers as any improvement whatsoever. Now that the cabinet is stuffed with "Friends of Israel" (Clegg, Hague, Gove to name only the most obvious) the likelihood of any slackening of the phoney "War" on "Terror" panic is non-existent, and so of course is any chance of a foreign policy independent of the wishes of the USA. I expect Karimov will get an honorary knighthood soon.


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