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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Les Miserables, Edinburgh Playhouse

Hilary, Vanessa and I have just been for the second time to see the touring production of Les Miserables at the Edinburgh Playhouse. It is brilliantly done (I hadn't seen the West End one) and this time the cast had had a couple more weeks to get used to the space. Gareth Gates was a verygood Marius, and John Owen-Jones a quite outstanding Valjean. Earl Carpenter was excellent both times as Javert. The women were all good, but special praise goes to Rosa O'Reilly who played Eponine both times though only the understudy. Ashley Artus and Lynne Wilmot as the Thenardiers were also terrific, though some of the comic business worked better tonight.

Here is JOJ doing Bring Him Home 11 years ago, and he's still just as good, if not better. I could listen to him all night, really I could.


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