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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Josef-295K Revisited

Revisiting Kerstein's blogger profile while writing the previous post, I was reminded of the piece of crappy pseudo-SF which provoked his intemperate droolings when I dared to point out the basic scientific howlers. But to Benjamin criticism is only constructive if he's doing it to someone else.

Anyway I had a skim through Josef6 again and of course he still hasn't corrected the bloopers. Read this chapter (I'm amazed to think I ploughed through 4 chapters of his turgidly unreadable prose) and anyone out there with standard grade physics will begin to giggle by the end of the second paragraph and be ROFLTAO by the end of the next.

For those of you without standard grade physics wishing to join in the fun, try Googling "absolute zero" then re-read para 2. Got that? Right, now Google nitrogen + "freezing point" to see how far his liquid nitrogen cooling would get him.

Kerstein loftily responded that it was irrelevant because it wasn't really science fiction, which is like writing a story that has New York on the Pacific seaboard and dismissing criticism because you're not writing geography.

To save you the bother of ploughing through any more of the drivel, Kerstein's big gimmick (cribbed from Agatha Christie, a far better prose stylist with an infinitely superior grasp of detail) is that the mysterious "Josef6" is actually (shock! amazement! yawn!) the author of the story. Wow. that saved you quarter of an hour of your life you wouldn't get back.

No wonder Benjamin had to go to Israel to get a college education. Of course, the reason nowhere in the USA would have him despite his self-evident (ie evident only to himself) genius was obviously institutionalised antisemitism. Duh. But Benjamin fought back valiantly, leading a demonstration at his brother's graduation. (The man clearly has serious issues of sibling rivalry to go with his obsession with mothers and vaginas.)

I assume that the reason he hasn't corrected his text is that he considers the laws of physics to be a wicked antisemitic plot and he's waiting for a new correct Zionist physics to validate his version.

P.S. I am aware that the concept of negative absolute temperature exists: but it couldn't apply to Josef6's nuclear waste store and you certainly couldn't achieve it with liquid nitrogen. Funnily enough if he'd had his micro-singularities themselves at -295K it would have been harder to rubbish the physics. But then that's all irrelevant when one is a genius.


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