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Sunday, May 02, 2010


Uncle Jimmy of course has been obsessively campaigning in the election against both Labour and the LibDems. While the funniest aspect of this is that he still doesn't understand the British voting system and keeps wondering if Tony Blair will be invited back to be PM (never mind that he isn't a member of either House of Parliament, he's turned down a peerage and it's highly unlikely he could ever be elected to the Commons again), he is also rather funny on Gordon Brown's "gaffe" in Rochdale:

Single-handedly you’ve gone where no man has gone before you. Not Clever Cameron nor Cute Clegg.

You’ve finally latched onto the main issue concerning voters. The one the others guys, and you, avoided like the plague.


Well done.

Um, "the main issue concerning voters"? Huh? I have yet to meet a single person who even considers it a side issue, never mind a major one. Of course, that's because I live in Scotland, where on the whole our problem is too few immigrants rather than too many. (And where incidentally support for Labour remains very strong in urban areas, with the LibDems and the SNP carving up the rural parts. Nobody expects the Conservatives to add to their solitary Scottish seat this time round.)

Just goes to show that Jimmy's supposed Scottishness is as phoney as everything else about him.

Actually, I thought Gordon was remarkably restrained considering he didn't know he was being broadcast. Having now seen the Gillian Duffy interview I'm amazed we haven't had "F***ing Idiotgate" or "Total Twuntgate" rather than the mild "Bigotgate". I mean to say, "Where are all these Eastern European immigrants flocking here from?" (Hint: there's a clue in the question.) Or "Why do I have to pay tax on my pension?" (That would be because it's more than the tax threshold, meaning that you're getting paid more for sitting around spouting bollocks than a lot of people are who are still having to work. Consider yourself lucky.)

But Jimmy likes to concentrate on what's really important in the campaign, which is why the first 3 screensful of his site are about the utterly irrelevant Blair, including the fascinating news that he went to a doctor and had his blood pressure taken. (Wow, just like a real human being. )


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