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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Purity of Essence

It's funny how "Friends of Israel" always take umbrage at any comparison between South Africa's apartheid policy of systematic denial of rights to blacks on the basis of race, and its own benign denial of rights to Israeli Arabs on the basis of their race. Funny, because now we know that not only was Israel South Africa's biggest ally and trading partner on the apartheid era, but it offered to sell South Africa nuclear weapons.

Imagine the outcry there would have been from Britain and the USA if Iran or Iraq had done that. If, of course, either Iran or Iraq had had nuclear weapons, which they have never done.

Still, I'm looking forward to a lot of wriggling over the coming months from all those FOI, especially when Amnesty Imternational declares Mordechai Vanunu a Prisoner of Conscience.


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