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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Images from Malta

A few pictures I didn't post while I was in Malta, but which you may enjoy now.

First of all, from the Roman town house in Rabat, this mosaic was apparently the Roman equivalent of Jack Vettriano's "The Dancing Butler" - a hugely popular picture to be found in many houses.

This sign from a museum in Valletta speaks for itself:

Equal Pay is Equal Pay in any language, except when it's Paga Ugwali:

And finally, that well-known play by Peter Weiss with the enormously long title? The one abbreviated to Marat/Sade? Ever wondered what that title would be like in Malti? Wonder no more:

"Asylum" comes out rather splendidly in Malti, I thought.


At 13 May, 2010 21:08, Anonymous Phil said...

Just 'manicomio', Italian. Thanks for posting these - I had thought Malti was mostly phoneticised Arabic, but it seems to be a blend of phoneticised Arabic and, well, alternatively-phoneticised Italian (I'd have said Italian was pretty phonetic already).


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