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Sunday, May 09, 2010

If adversity makes strange bedfellows, Blair's war on freedom made stranger ones

A couple of recent Craig Murray posts worth passing on to as wide a readership as possible. First, an update on complicity in torture by the British Government. Anyone who reads that and can find any sympathy in their heart for Tony Blair or Jack Straw deserves to find him/herself in one of Karimov's jails.

Then an update on our "ally" in the "war" on "terror" Uzbekistan, and its enlightened policy of involuntary sterilisation.

I wonder whether anyone, given a free choice between living in Karimov's Uzbekistan and Saddam's Iraq, would choose the former? (They might I suppose choose it over the cesspit of theocracy, terrorism and corruption into which post-invasion "liberated" Iraq has been converted, though probably not even then.)


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