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Monday, May 10, 2010

Flash! Bang! Wallop!

Uncle Jimmy's blog is of course mostly full of the election, still spinning against the Lib Dems though not as stridently as before (funny, that). Mostly it's tosh, Jimmy's normal fare of telling everyone else how wrong they are compared to his omniscience. He likes the First Past The Post system:

This is not to argue that the voting system is fair. On a pure numbers/seats analysis the result clearly does not reflect all opinions fairly. However, changing that voting system will bring more ch..ch..ch..changes than may as yet be evident. Its existence HAS at least relegated minor parties, such as the BNP and even UKIP. And it has walloped Alex Salmond’s Scottish Nationalists in a way I could only have dreamt of previously.

Nice save there about his own UKIP taking a thrashing. But the SNP being "walloped"? "In a way I could only have dreamt of previously"?

Ahem. First of all, the SNP received exactly as many seats this time as last time, indeed the same ones. Not a single Scottish seat changed party from the 2005 election to the 2010 one. Perhaps, the, the SNP's share of the vote fell? Nope, up by 0.1 %. OK, so it's undoubtedly not as good a result as the Nats had hoped for, but a walloping? Remember that in Scotland Gordon Brown is still personally pretty popular (in a way that Blair never managed), and Labour immensely so. Yet the Nats could still pull off results like Perth and North Perthshire, where former Runrig keyboardist Peter Wishart trebled his majority from last time.

Oh, and they're still the government up here, BTW. And doing pretty well as a minority administration, such as PR tends to provide. What's that Jimmy? You forgot there was working PR in Britain already? Tsk...and you a fake Scot too.


At 10 May, 2010 18:53, Anonymous BlairSupporter said...


You really need to stop stalking people you don't like.

If you insist, at least read what I say - all of it, not just the bits that suit your brainwashed condition.

I say clearly that P.R. brings fairer votes. We ALL know that. Especially me, if you knew my previous political affiliations. Not UKIP, btw. I am a pro-European.

But I also remind the ignorant WHO exactly provided the referendum on Scottish/Welsh devolution and that he also provided AV. Perhaps you haven't noticed that recent post. I suppose I write faster than you read.


At 10 May, 2010 23:49, Blogger Rob said...

Welcome back Jimmy, and I may make an exception and leave this comment up even though it isn't funny (though in view of some of your posts I fond it hard to view you as a pro-European).

Regarding TB and devolution, yes he gave us the referendum, though there are good reasons why Donald Dewar received more credit than your hero. You may remember that the referendum had two questions, one concerning the establishment of a parliament and the other concerning its tax-raising powers (which were, if approved, to be limited to an increase of 1% on income tax or equivalent). Labour policy was to campaign for a Yes/Yes vote, and Donald Dewar did that very well. But what did Blair do? He came out and said that if a Scottish Parliament raised income tax he would veto it. Not only did this go against his own party' policy, it also suggested that he didn' quite understand what "devolution" and "voting for a parliament with tax-raising powers" were about. As in, if we want to raise income tax, we'll copy you in on the legislation as a matter of politeness. But nobody will be asking your opinion, Mr Blair, thanks all the same, far less seeking your approval.

I think it was that example of the man's arrogance and stupidity as much as anything that turned Scottish voters against him personally, though not of course against the Labour party (despite the damage he'd done to it).

And you became fair game for stalking, if that's what you want to call it, when you banned me. If I can't comment on your blog, I'll post on my own, where I feel even less need to consider your feelings. You're not important, but you are quite often risible, and I try to ration myself to commenting only on those posts of yours that make me laugh. The ones that simply make me want to puke, or the even greater number that simply show your weird obsessions, I pass over in silence. So you don't get my attention because you're an unpleasant neofascist, but because you're a ridiculous neofascist who doesn't allow criticism on his own blog. If you stop being ridiculous I'll stop poking fun at you. Can't say fairer than that.

At 11 May, 2010 11:03, Anonymous BlairSupporter said...

*ollocks, Rob.

All of the above.

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