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Saturday, May 29, 2010


Given this story, it didn't take long for the first calls to appear for the Red Cross to be shunned as a terrorist organisation.

Before the loons, here is a more measured assessment of the ICRC's role in Afghanistan.

OK, bring on the droids:

Droid 1
Droid 2
Droid 3
Droid 4
Droid 5

Here's one who makes Uncle Jimmy look positively angelic - mind you, the presence of the BNP on his blogroll gives the game away.

Droid 6

Here's a nutjob who started accusing the Red Cross of supporting terrorists back in 2008:

Droid 7

"Of course it may be that Haddad is personally sympathetic to the Taliban's aims, and just wishes it was a little more discerning in its target selection – you've got to love her characterisation of mass-murdering religious fanatics as 'the armed opposition'."

Sorry - I suppose "the deposed government of Afghanistan" is strictly more accurate.

"And does she honestly believe that Nato and US forces need 'reminding' of their obligations under international law?"

Even in 2008 nobody seems to have felt the need to dignify that with an answer.

Here, also in 2008, is an article by the great Robert Fisk on exactly why the ICRC's provision of medical aid to both sides is so vital:

Robert Fisk

For more droids, try Googling "Red Cross" + taliban + traitors (if you want a sick laugh)

Question: how many, do you think, of the "disgusted" commenters on these blogs who are vowing never to contribute to the Red Cross "again" have in fact ever contributed to it in their sorry lives? And the ones who say they won't donate blood any more: how much of their (mostly American) blood do they think goes to the Taliban, and how much to wounded American soldiers? Nice contribution to American deaths, assholes.


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