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Friday, May 14, 2010

Excise Duty

Nice to know I'm not alone in considering the disastrous ConDem pact as a prelude to the destruction of the Liberal Democrats as a serious political party at the next election. Lewis Baston in the Guardian has a good piece on it, pointing out that the could lose half their seats next time. Likely losses are: seats in Scotland, where opposition to the Tories runs very deep and the Labour Party is still popular; marginals where they got in on tactical LD voting designed to keep out a Conservative; and seats won from Labour in urban "intellectual middle-class" seats.

All kinds of good news there: my own constituency will presumably become less marginal for Ian Murray as the tactical vote the LD campaigned so hard for swings back to Labour, and as disillusioned LD voters (my daughter for one, plus a large number at work) desert the party. Right now the destruction of the Lib Dems looks excellent news and something to look forward to. But as Baston point out, the effect could be reduced if AV is introduced for the next Westminster election. So there we are. In addition to my strong desire to keep UKIP and the BNP (and for that matter the Greens) on the fringes of British politics where they belong, I now have a solid reason to vote - and indeed campaign - for the retention of First Past the Post voting if the proposed referendum comes about. And I bet there are plenty of other people thinking along similar lines. Time enough to consider voting reform when the last Liberal Democrat has been excised from the political scene.

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