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Monday, May 10, 2010

The Daily Mail has Mel Phillips, but the Guardian has Ayaan Hirsi Ali. I know which Islamophobic creep I prefer (and it isn't Hirsi Ali).

Nearly threw up into my lunch earlier today as I opened the Guardian to find a massive puff piece by Emma Brockes for Ayaan Hirsi Ali's new book, complete with extracts, fawning interview and glamorous pictures of the professional liar.

OK, fawning may be taking it a little far, but she certainly pulls her punches (this is the Emma Brockes who caused such a fuss by faking questions and answers in an interview with Noam Chomsky a few years ago).

“..on the advice of a relative with knowledge of the asylum system, (she) took a train to Holland”. “Holland, she was assured, had one of the most liberal asylum policies in Europe.” “Two years later she left Holland following a controversy around her citizenship”.

Why not just say that Ayaan Hirsi Magan adopted a fake name, blagged her way into Holland as a bogus asylum seeker to grab all the money she could from these foolish Europeans who would believe anything, and then fled to America before she could be stripped of her citizenship as an illegal immigrant? Because that is exactly what happened. She pretended to be fleeing poverty and a forced marriage in Somalia. In fact her (Somali) parents had been living for years in suburban Nairobi (in Kenya). She had travelled to Canada to undergo an arranged (not forced) marriage (anyone ever heard of a forced marriage in Canada?), changed her mind, and skipped off to Europe. Once there, she wormed her way into the Netherlands, playing on the liberal sympathies of its officialdom. The Dutch paid for her education, and were repaid by her working with some of the most unpleasant members of its far right to deal out racist insults to other immigrants, many from far less privileged backgrounds than her own. Everything wrong in her life (her grandmother had her genitally mutilated) was blamed on Islam with no concern for truth or indeed credibility. She happily lied about being beaten by her teachers, lies which Brockes is happy to repeat. See here for a reasonably full account of Hirsi Magan's career, including the fabricated beatings.) And incidentally, that link is to an site not in general sympathetic to Muslims, which considers Hirsi Magan's lies, and her behaviour throughout her worthless life, to be a total own goal for the Islamophobes and a gift to Islamic radicals everywhere. She was elected as an MP for a far right party, and had to leave the Netherlands when her neighbours complained that having her around was making life dangerous for the rest of them, and wanted to know why their kids couldn't play in safety because of a racist bigot living next door? And at the same time (how unlucky!) the government began to wonder whether they should really have as a citizen someone who made no secret of having lied her way in with false papers, an invented backstory and a false name. So it was off again in search of the next free lunch, and of course she found a bucketful of them in the USA, where her brand of Islamophobic fiction was just what the Republican right wanted to hear, and more importantly, to repeat. Having a "victim of Islam", even a fake one, was perfect, and she secured a well-paid position with the American Enterprise Institute.

The interesting question is, why would the Guardian, supposedly a paper of the left and not one renowned for Daily Mail-type Islamophobia of the Melanie Phillips variety, give valuable space (six pages and the cover of its colour supplement) to this distasteful fraudster?


At 10 May, 2010 03:34, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although it is from last year, I think you may find this book review useful. The author comes from a Muslim perspective and reviews her works. The link is here ... it is good to hear other opinions and ideas.


Hope you find it interesting.

At 10 May, 2010 23:26, Blogger Rob said...

Thank you Anonymous. Slightly to my surprise (I tend to be suspicious of links by nameless posters) I did actually find it interesting, even though I'm not a Muslim.


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