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Friday, May 07, 2010

BlairSupporter's Constitution 101 Fail

Uncle Jimmy (aka BlairSupporter) shows yet again that for all his pontificating about what we in Britain should do in the election he's inelegible to vote in, he doesn't even understand that to be Prime Minister you have to be a Member of Parliament, or at the very least a member of the House of Lords. We know he'll never understand why Blair was kicked out of office, poor thing, nor why nobody wanted him as President of Europe. But at least he might do his political homework on the country he pretends to belong to. (Tonight he's claiming to be Scottish again.)

What do I think we need?

Ten more years of Blair. Not Blairism, nor Blairites, nor pseudo-Blairs like Cameron and Clegg. Nor Blair-pluses like Brown, Mandelson or Miliband. But the real thing.

Blair. Tony. Starting now. Next week might just be soon enough.

I note that the electors of Sedgefield (the constituency which loyally elected Tony Blair year after year, and which he shamefully abandoned the day he ceased to be Prime Minister) have returned a Labour MP with a large majority. Let's hope this one takes a real interest in his constituents intead of adopting Blair's approach of viewing them purely as cash cows to be dumped the instant they don't contribute to his personal fortune. You know, in a lot of ways it's that contemptuous attitude of Blair's to the people to whom he owed everything that makes me despise him most: more than his lies to Parliament; more than his vendetta against Saddam Hussein while enthusuastically supporting dictators like Islam Karimov with far worse records of oppressing their people; more even than his involvement in BAe's corrupt arms deals in Saudi Arabia and Tanzania. Not caring about honesty, not caring about human rights, not caring about Parliament: we expect no more from Britain's worst ever Prime Minister. But the crass ingratitude towards the folk without whom he'd be remembered only as Tony Booth's son-in-law: that's unforgivable behaviour for anyone.

The sooner this sad imitation of a human being takes his fake tan and fucks off permanently to the USA, or Israel, or somewhere else where they're happy to pick up the tab for his lifestyle, the sooner the British will like it.

Go. Blair. Starting now. Next week won't be nearly soon enough.


At 23 August, 2010 11:00, Anonymous Neil McGowan said...

Please tell us more about "Blairsupporter" and why he's ineligible to vote in UK elections?

This vicious warmongering berk is making a nuisance of himself all over the internet, and it would be useful to know who is lurking behind his nick.

At 18 September, 2010 21:35, Blogger Rob said...


I have a strong suspicion he's an American(see in the comments here). Until someone proves me wrong I shall stick with that assumption.


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