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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

BlairSupporter outs himself as a fascist (yet again)

For those who may have forgotten, I christened the anonymous (but almost certainly American) BlairSupporter "Uncle Jimmy" because his outbursts about what Britain would be like in the future when it was run by Those Who Care reminded me of the character in David Nobbs's Reggie Perrin stories (and subsequently in Fairly Secret Army). That is, a saddo hoping for some kind of coup to replace all this democracy nonsense.

Occasionally Jimmy reminds us all how true that characterisation is. Here he is on Abid Nasser, the supposed al-Qaeda member released without charge because there was no evidence against him.

You have to love the way Jimmy criticises the Liberal Democrats as "slavish human rights protectors" as though protecting human rights is a bad thing. But then he chews the rug and spits:

Am I alone in suggesting this? –
Those who are found guilty of attempting terrorist acts or of planning, conniving or inciting others to do so must be exempted from human rights laws protection.

Yes, Jimmy, you're alone. Well, apart from your handful of Fairly Secret Army pals.

Not sure which is funnier really: that Jimmy continues to deny that he's any kind of a fascist, or that this hypocrite who demands that Tony Blair must not be described as a "war criminal" because he hasn't been tried and convicted (then insists that he can't be put on trial because WE ALL KNOW he isn't a war criminal) happily describes Abid Nasser as an "al-Qaeda" leader and implies that he was "found guilty" of terrorist acts, whereas he was never even charged with them. But hey, he's got brown skin and is a Muslim, so deporting him to be tortured must be a good thing, right?

Here by way of balance is Craig Murray (a blessedly unslavish human rights protector) on the case.

This fascist sicko (Uncle Jimmy, not Craig Murray!) then gives us the benefit of his opinion on the Labour leadership candidates. Unsurprisingly he favours David Milliband, a clone of Tony Blair right down to the support for torture. He lipsmackingly describes a suicide bombing in Baghdad, then says sarcastically "I suppose none of this would have happened if Blair had said “no” to Bush". Well done, Jimmy, absolutely right, none of this would have happened if Blair had said no to Bush (unless Bush had simply gone ahead and destroyed Iraq by himself, which of course he might well have done). Let's see, in secular Baathist Iraq if you were seen as any kind of religious extemist you were likely to wind up dead. You know, because of Saddam's police state and all that. There were no Islamic terror groups in Iraq until the Americans and British put them there. Yes, a great success story that. Turning Iraq from somewhere where being a political opponent of Saddam was unhealthy but being a woman doctor, or woman teacher, or woman engineer, was fine, to somewhere where being a political opponent of the corrupt US-backed government is unhealthy and being a woman means living indoors in a veil. All done in the name of women's emancipation too. And as for deposing Saddam for his brutal suppression of dissent while forbidding any criticism of Karimov, our Uzbek ally in the "War" on "Terror", whose record is far worse - David Milliband's hypocrisy on continuing the Blair line there is why he must never be allowed to become Prime Minister. But for Jimmy, "the battle over the Iraq war was fought in 2005. Blair won it." That would be why the Labour vote fell drastically, and why he useless creep got himself fired as a liability. Yes, that looks like winning.

Oh, and Jimmy: if you're going to reprint all the lyrics to Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat as well as linking to the film clip, it's normally considered good manners either to say what show it's from (Guys and Dolls), or even better to cite the author (Frank Loesser). Perhaps in your fantasy land where you've reinstalled Blair as dictator, torn up the Human Rights Act, locked up all the independent journalists and abolished trials as a waste of time, you pretend you wrote it yourself (the same way you pretend to be Scottish). Here in the real world, you didn't.


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