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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blair and BlairSupporter both in different ways display laughable ignorance about Scottish devolution

Sticking with ridiculous right-wing racists, Uncle Jimmy accused me of writing bollocks (oops, sorry, "*ollocks") in the comments box here because I had the gall to remind my readers of Tony Blair's arrogant perfidy over Scottish devolution.

I give you Exhibit A. 'Nuff said.

Oh, I've only just noticed that while lying about Blair's enthusiasm for devolution he claims that he also "provided AV" (the Alternative Vote system). In fact it was the Jenkins Commission that proposed AV, and Blair did absolutely nothing with its recommendations, which is why to this day no parliamentary elections in the UK are conducted using AV. For a supposed Scot, Jimmy seems remarkably ignorant of how the Scottish Parliament is elected. (Hint, Jimmy: the Additional Member system is an utterly different beast from AV.)

Jimmy accuses me of reading more slowly than he writes. Well, he might benefit from reading his own drivel sometimes, because when I checked the post he references he does talk about Blair and devolution but nowhere does he say that he provided AV.

So Jimmy misrepresents his own post as saying something it doesn't say, but which would have been a lie if it had, and which still shows him up as knowing f-all about Scotland. Jeez, Jimmy, if you told the truth every so often you wouldn't get in such a tangle. But then that's where Blair-worship gets you.

Update: broken link corrected.


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