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Thursday, April 15, 2010

In which we find the Maltese Falcon

Yesterday we went to Gozo, the small island off the north-west of Malta, which was delightful. Long day though: bus from Valetta across Malta to the ferry; ferry; then travelled round Gozo using one of those hop on-hop off open-topped tour buses like we have in Edinburgh; then back again. There's plenty to see on Gozo: the Ggantija temples, which are 5,800 years old and reputed to be the oldest free-standing structures in existence.

The cathedral in Vittoria, which doesn't have a dome (they ran out of money) but has instead a trompe l'oeil ceiling which simulates a dome. Note the (fake) gecko on the (fake) window near the base of the (fake) dome.

Though one's oeil is less tromped if one goes round into a side aisle.....

Also more picturesque scenery than you can shake a stick at (if you have a stick). A splendid day, and the bus ride back (which began with 24 standing passengers in a bus designed for 12) was followed by an ace meal in a tapas bar. Today we went to the Three Cities, but I don't have the pictures sorted yet.

It's been a good couple of days for ships though. Yesterday just after breakfast the MSC Splendida steamed past the hotel - the largest cruise ship I've seen close up:

And all week I've been puzzling over an amazing yacht we can see from the hotel. There seemed to be something odd about its masts. Well, indeed there is. we saw it up close today and it's the Maltese Falcon, which as well as being an amazingly luxurious yacht is seriously cool as regards the sailing bits. Read all about her here.


At 16 April, 2010 17:38, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Wow, that is some cruise ship. I would much rather be on the Falcon.

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