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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Both make squeaky noises if insufficiently lubricated

Yesterday we went to Mdina, Rabat and Mosta. Busy day, saw loads of interesting stuff, but the two I feel I should share with you are:

(1) The St Paul Shipwreck Church back here in Valetta (just round the corner from our hotel) which contains, among other grisly Pauline relics, a wrist bone of the apostle. Surely that should be an ankle bone, so it could be the tarsus of Paul of Tarsus? Or should we think of him as Paul of Carpus? I'm confused.

(2) The Roman town house in Rabat contains many interesting artefacts. It was also excavated in part by a bloke with the awesome name of Sir Themistocles Zammit, who sounds like a character from the Rocky Horror Show and was apparently known to his friends as "Temi". No, really. Anyway, among the objects on display were these:

which were described thus (item number 2)

Well, it's easy to see how the confusion might occur.....


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