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Sunday, April 04, 2010

25 First Lines - some hints

The flow of guessing for the first lines quiz seems to have dried up. OK, so my brother didn't contribute on account of breaking his hip and then dying, but what excuse do the rest of you have?

Here are the ones not yet guessed, with some clues.

1. My father is a doctor, he’s a family man

A hit for a Gibraltarian singer-songwriter who on the whole did better at writing hits for other people. Leo Sayer's biggest hit, and the Hollies' last real biggie - to say nothing of Little Arrows for Leapy Lee. All penned by this chap, but this was the only real hit he had under his own name.

3. I’ve been caught in a trap I set for myself

They're from Southport. This was a single from their fourth studio album. Other singles from the same album were Catch Me Up and Sweet Virginia.

4. Turn around, don’t whisper out my name

If you check this blog you'll see that not too long ago I saw this chap live. A singer-songwriter less famous than #9 but not doing badly, especially back in the sixties. Fairport Convention did a good cover version of this song.

5. Let me tell you ‘bout the Manfreds

Surely there's a clue in there about the group whose hit this was?

7. I thought you had passed, but you caught me at last

You guessed Pigs by Pink Floyd, That was side 2 track 1 of Animals. Listen to the same side and track of their previous album and you would find this chap on guest vocals. From his fourth album.

9. Oh the time will come up when the winds will stop

Oh come ON. The most famous singer-songwriter in history comes up with some of his most memorable imagery and nobody guesses it?

11. Traffic’s wild tonight

A pretty substantial hit though it doesn't end happily. Its singer keeps getting in the news these days for writing letters.

17. Her name was Mia from North Korea

A very politically incorrect song by a group renowned (not strictly accurately) for the limited harmonic range of their accompaniments.

18. A place where nobody dared to go

In the week Whip It is released in the UK, here's the theme music from an earlier film about roller skating.

19. Queen Vicky used to sit upon her magic throne

There's no shame in missing this one. A song about the Profumo affair by a well-known Scottish satirical songwriter of the 1960s.

20. Zephyr in the sky at night I wonder

Her marriage was forever in the news, along with her adoption attempts. This was one of her biggest hits. I don't believe you missed it. She even did it at Live Earth.


At 04 April, 2010 22:46, Blogger Persephone said...

I can't guess anymore because after submitting my original guesses, I looked up the other ones. May I say that your clue for the first one is misleading? He had a far bigger hit in North America with another song, again under his own name. It was to do with the weather in a certain part of the United States. Although I faintly recognised the song for which you've given the first line because it had a bit of airplay in Canada, I remember the other one much better.

At 04 April, 2010 22:57, Blogger Rob said...

Ah well: this side of the Atlantic this one was the only hit I noticed, and I think I'd have spotted the one you mean.

At 04 April, 2010 22:58, Blogger Rob said...

P.S. if you got #19 even by Googling you did pretty damn well.

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