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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Your Country Needs You

I've just been watching Your Country Needs You, the TV show in which audiences selected our 2010 Eurovision entry, or more accurately the act who would sing it, the song itself (That Sounds Good To Me) having been written by Pete Waterman. For once I felt the decision went the right way, with Josh - the eventual winner - having been streets ahead of the others in ability, or so it seemed to me.

I was listening recently to an Olivia Newton-John CD in the car, and remembering as a student watching (with my then girlfriend) the show in which the song she would be singing for Eurovision 1974 was picked. I remember thinking the winner (Long Live Love) was the weakest of the bunch, and being interested to discover years later that Olivia hadn't liked it either. The girlfriend in question rather liked it though. Actually it sounds better than I remember it, though the lyrics are pretty weak stuff.

It didn't win, though in 1974 there was little shame in not winning, because of these folk:

The less said the better about those costumes, but that song still comes up fresh as a dasiy after 34 years and several hundred hearings. There aren't too many Eurovision winners that come close to that kind of longevity, though I append a few others, a couple of them British (surprisingly enough) and a couple from Luxembourg (even more unlikely).

France Gall -Poupee De Cire


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