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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Uncle Jimmy?

More recent wingnuttery from the Neo-Loony in chief (if you're bothered, the specific posts are all from the last couple of weeks):

1) Jimmy placed an ad in the Press Gazette for his Sympathy For The DevilBan Blair-Baiting petition. When the editor quite reasonably took the money and published it, rather than feeling the need to crawl on his knees in penance to St Tone, he came on the end of a tirade from what (to judge from its USE OF CAPITALS) was yet another BS alias. Jimmy's final comment?

It seems to me that the commenter has out-classed and out-argued Mr Ponsford. (Jimmy is SO modest...) Co-incidentally a commenter (BS yet again?) at the Ban Blair-Baiting petition site today says:

“Completely agree. The slant of popular media is unhealthy to a functioning democracy.”

Perhaps it is time the press re-considered their place in society.

Socks up, press chappies: publish puff pieces for the far right or come the revolution you'll find yourself locked up for life, along with George Monbiot and all the others who don't "get it".

2) Re Dubai's intention to seek the arrest of Benyamin Netanyahu over Mossad's recent act of terrorism, he foams:

Any time anyone is killed by a foreign government’s spy agencies are we to expect that the police of the country in which the “crime” takes place will be after the foreign country’s political leader for it?

Sorry, BS, we just forgot how keen you and your chums are on death squads. Incidentally, Jimmy's utter silence about the way in which Mossad's fraudulent use of British passports has put British lives at risk convinces me more than ever that he's actually an American.

3) He posts (2/3/2010) a picture of Blair exuding hatred and generally looking like a CIA torturer and labels it "THE PAINFUL TRUTH IS IN THE EYES". Well, duh. In fact, he likes the picture so much he inflicts it on us twice. Bleugh. As in, Tony Bleugh. Here it is if you wish to be violently ill. On the plus side, it may be the only picture in existence of Blair not looking ike a smug git.

4) In a piece about Blair and Michael Foot he says of some piece of John Rentoul arse-licking:
"This is a must-read for anyone who lives under the misapprehension that Blair was once a true Marxist."

WHAT? That could only be "anyone" who has never heard of Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher's vicar on Earth. Blair a Marxist? The only people on the planet who could mistake Blair for any kind of socialist, let alone a Marxist, are the American far right. I rest my case.

Seriously: BlairSupporter is a "birther" (a conspiracy theorist obsessed with the idea that Barack Obama is not a US citizen). He is equally obsessed with the idea that Tony Blair was (is?) our "elected Prime Minister" and that "Gordon Brown was never elected as PM" (10/6/2009). Or as he puts it in a sidebar, "he took over from Mr Blair in a subliminal non-election". (See also his description of Gordon Brown on 2/3/2010 as "the man whose every waking moment seemed obsessed with the idea of removing from office our elected prime minister in order that he could take his place".) Somebody needs to remind him that here in Britain we don't elect Prime Ministers, they're invited to form a government by Her Majesty the Queen. When an innocent Brit (Binyam Mohamed) was released from Guantanamo, he foamed at the mouth rather than celebrating. Most of his news feeds come from Fox News or other US-based right-wing sources (he's a fan of Michael Savage, the American "shock jock" banned from the UK as a racist). For God's sake, he took Blair's bid to become EU president seriously: he has to be American! (Note to BS - that last one was a joke, BTW. It makes you a moron, but not necessarily an American one. Just thought I'd spare you the effort of pointing that out). And just this week he republishes a piece by a Daniel Greenfield (a soi-disant specialist on the "War on Terror" and the "rising threat to Western civilisation", whose recent articles include "Obama's Plan To Destroy Israel" and "The Dead Road of Socialism"). Greenfield's piece (from his own blog on 3rd March) rails against the iniquities of The Left ("In their more honest moments, leftists will admit that they do not love America, only its potential....to be changed by them." "This America, in which the Constitution is wielded to protect Islamic terrorists and a man who hates the country can make his office in the White House." "The Left proclaims an endless Jihad against the civilized world." "They cannot love Britain, only a New Britain that agrees to flood itself with so many Muslim immigrants that it chokes and dies under their numbers.") The fact that Uncle Jimmy then asks us if we recognise ourselves in any of this anti-British drivel - the kind that wouldn't even make it into the Daily Mail (oh, and don't forget Jimmy thinks the Mail is a left-wing tabloid) - exposes him as not British. Maybe he came from Mars and was dug up during road works in London as per Quatermass and the Pit (look it up, Jimmy, look it up) but my guess is that he fell to the UK from across the Atlantic rather than across the Solar System. Still, dug out of a sewage-filled trench, from our distant past rather than our present, and with a mind full of crazed fantasies about world domination? Not so very different from those Martians, then.


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