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Saturday, March 13, 2010

U.S. Christians: making Muslim extremists look good

Do you think this will shut up the people who moan about persecution of gays in Islamic countries while ignoring (or even supporting) the similar persecution of them by Christians in most parts of the world?

Me neither.

And remember that nice Mike Huckabee of Fox News who gave the interview in which TB criticised the upstarts at the Chilcot enquiry who had had the temerity to make him - HIM, Tony Blair, y'know? - answer their tedious little-people questions? (Also the one where he made the hilarious archeology gaffe that BlairSupporter didn't understand.) Well, Huckabee reckons attacks by gays on Christians is a bigger problem than attacks by Christians on gays. After all, "When people stomp on a Christian's cross, they are basically nailing them to a cross, like Jesus." Ooh, bless. I bet he was right in there protesting on behalf of the Muslims whose feelings were hurt when the obscene Mohammed cartoons were published. What? He wasn't? Oh.

And in case you thought it was only Muslims who wanted to burn books these days, it isn't.


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