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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The only colony of human beings in the Middle East, apparently

As an antidote to all those stories about how Palestinians are all brought up to believe that Jews are sub-human animals, here we have Eliyahu Hai, one of the many illegal Israeli settlers in the West Bank.

"We are not seeking revenge against the Arabs. The difference between us and them is that we are human beings. We won't shoot them in the head for no reason. We are Jews, holy people, human beings."

Admittedly he was speaking at ther funeral of his father, who had been murdered a few days earlier in a drive-by shooting. However, similar sentiments expressed at the funeral of, say, a Hamas member murdered by the IDF would not be allowed to pass without comment by the world's media.

In any case, in the West Bank, the "holy" settlers always have a reason to shoot Arabs in the head. It's that they're Arabs. (Duh.)


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