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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Oh, go on, just a little one.....

OK, I can post this because it's funny, right? Uncle Jimmy the neo-loony replies to a commenter critical of his support for Mossad's terrorist attack in Dubai:

What you are suggesting is that the world should try and convict, presumably, politicians of ANY countries which can be proved to have a “kill known terrorists and terror orgnisations’ henchmen” policy. Great! Fine! If we could also do the same with Hamas’s known killers and terrorists. But of course we can’t. They are protected by such as you, little human righters, and a self-destructive liberal legal system which is USED and ABUSED by those whose ONLY aim is to destroy democracy and all those associated with it. That’s you and me, btw. Or maybe it’s not you.

OK, given that the guy apparently isn't British I should probably cut him some slack for getting his clauses in a twist. But when he's just admitted that his only aim is to destroy democracy and all those associated with it (something most of us had already spotted) - Uncle Jimmy to a T - I don't believe I shall. Too busy ROTFLMAO.

Oh, and just below that he links to a post from some weird far-right American blog (posted by a guy who also - I kid you not - contributes to the John Birch Society site, or so he boasts) heaping praise on Geert Wilders. Predictable, much?


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