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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Of Saunders, Stravinsky and Sullivan

A busy few weeks, hence little blogging. First Hilary and I had Edinburgh Symphony Orchestra's Stravinsky concert, in which we did (though I say it as shouldn't) a damned good job on the Symphony in C and the Rite of Spring.

Meanwhile, about a quarter of a mile away, my son Ruairidh was playing his first gig with his band The Sound Of Perdition. I couldn't be there but Hilary made it for part of their set as she was only in the Rite of Spring. Here is Ruairidh singing at the gig:

And here he is in his more usual position behind the drum kit:

Then last week Hilary and I were playing in the pit for Edinburgh Gilbert & Sullivan Society's production of Utopia Limited. Not the best of Gilbert, but some terrifia Sullivan tunes, and we were being paid which is always a bonus.

Here are a few clips (not of the EDGAS production unfortunately, which from what I could tell was excellent) of Utopia Limited. It has a good love duet:

And an excellent unaccompanied chorus (a bit like the madrigals in Mikado and Yeoman):

And of course the obligatory catchy tune or six:

This one has the tricky passage for the violins which I was very happy to get past each night...


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