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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

My name is Stack, and apparently I am not a terrorist

A few weeks ago, Joe Stack proved that you can fly an aircraft into a US government building with the express desire of killing the people inside, and still not be labelled a terrorist by the Obama administration. Just imagine if he'd been a Muslim, or had had an Arab name.

Here is a list of Christian terrorist cells in the USA. The link actually goes some way to explaining the US government's reluctance to label Stack a terrorist.

Prosecutors had asked Judge James Cohn to sentence Jordi under a federal terrorism law and sought seven to 10 years. Cohn refused, saying federal sentencing rules require that plots have an international component to be considered terrorism. "This crime was strictly domestic and in no way transcended national boundaries," Cohn said.

So that's OK then.

P.S. Remember our old friend Benjamin Kerstein, who back in 2007 delivered himself of this gem?

(Tony Kushner) lumps together "Muslim and Christian and Jewish fundamentalists" without the slightest understanding of the fact that Christian and Jewish fundamentalists haven't been flying planes into buildings anytime in the recent past.

It would be nice to think that B the C would now apologise to Tony Kushner for his ludicrous assertion. Still, someone who is apparently prepared to disrupt his own brother's graduation in order to satisfy his own swollen ego (and perhaps in resentment at his own failure to get into an American university) is unlikely to be swayed by such minor points as being proved, yet again, to be a loudmouthed idiot.


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