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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Glenn Who?

Uncle Jimmy (this one's funny, honest) weighs in against the wicked, wicked Germans for supporting the arts, being able to distinguish fact from fiction, and (worst of all) "stealing the EU presidency.... which was made for (Blair) and no-one else".

Damn these Europeans and their insistence on elections. Damn their disinclination to elect a raving Europhobe to the EU Presidency. Damn their "stealing" the Presidency and then, er, giving it to one of their neighbours. (Mind you, Blair himself probably doesn't trouble with such distinctions between unimportant entities who don't pay him money.)

The "cross-post" from "Julie" is funny too. If you are left in any doubt that Julie is a BS sock puppet, just look at the USE OF CAPITALS. AND EXCLAMATION MARKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention the picture at "her" which appears to be of a male transvestite.

Still, whatever Uncle Jimmy' gender, here is the best evidence yet that s/he is American.

Until I Googled them I was thinking "Who the hell are Glenn Beck and Stuart Varney?" Then I found they work for Fox News (and in the case of Glenn Beck, American talk radio. Hands up any Brits who knew that without Googling?

From Beck's Wikipedia entry one can see why Jimmy would eat him up though:

Political views :
Beck has called himself a conservative with libertarian leanings. Among his core values Beck lists personal responsibility, private charity, the right to life, freedom of religion, limited government, and family as the cornerstone of society. Beck also believes in low national debt, and has said "A conservative believes that debt creates unhealthy relationships. Everyone, from the government on down, should live within their means and strive for financial independence."

Beck supports individual gun ownership rights and is against gun control legislation.

Beck believes that there is a lack of evidence that human activity is the main cause of global warming. He has "tried to do his part by buying a home with a 'green' design." He also views the American Clean Energy and Security Act as a form of wealth redistribution, and has promoted a petition rejecting the Kyoto Protocol.


At 25 March, 2010 15:08, Blogger Eddie Louise said...

Beck is a certifiable crazy man - unfortunately too many people take him seriously.

Jon Stewart did a hysterical parody of him. Check it out here:



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