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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Glenn, Geller and Geert

I was saying in the previous post that Uncle Jimmy's fixation on Glenn Beck (who? - some Fox News presenter apparently) showed him up to be an American, which it does. However, having been scanning round to find who Beck was, I found this gem from Pamela Geller. It would seem that Beck "gets it" with regard to both the loathsome Wilders and the source of the real threat to European values.

An example of Geller's, er, perspicacity:

Beck is out of his depth in this. One cannot get up to speed on Europe in one crash course. He warned about the rise of the “far right” in Europe. The Islamic/left-wing fringe is everywhere, but what far right fringe was he talking about in Europe? He couldn’t have meant French antisemite Jean Marie Le Pen. He is nowhere. Was Beck intending to tar courageous groups that are not remotely racist or fascist, like Stop the Islamisation Of Europe and the English Defence League?

Not remotely racist or fascist? The EDL?

Or this:

It isn’t just Wilders, either. Beck runs videos of the riots in Greece, but he never runs the Muslim rampages throughout Europe.

Which "Muslim rampages" would those be, exactly?

Uncle Jimmy must be really disappointed in his new Fox News guru, as he just lurves Pamela Geller. After all, she's a huge Geert Wilders fan. Here's his intro to a post of her fawning interview with his favourite Nazi:

To those aware of the present creeping Islamisation of the west, this site – Atlas Shrugs, run by Pamela Geller – will be familiar. Bookmark ‘Atlas Shrugs’ for continual information on this issue, as a foreign and threatening culture seeps without let or hindrance into the fabric of our western societies. Our once liberal and eminently sensible laws have been thrown onto the fire of political correctness, and have turned wrong into right, and vice-versa.

Lord Pearson recently invited Wilders back to Britain. I'm sure if Jimmy really lives in the South of England and not in the USA (he claims to have been at the Chilcot Enquiry, after all) he won't have missed the opportunity to turn out with his EDL pals to cheer Wilders. Maybe he was the one reported by the Guardian:

The point of the march appeared to have been lost on at least one EDL member. Spying a Dutch tricolour carried in salute to Wilders, he asked his fellow demonstrators: "What you got a French flag for?"

Sounds like Uncle Jimmy to me.


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