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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blair talks bilge, again

From Blair at AIPAC (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee):

"Israel is a democracy......Citizens are governed by the rule of law. Men and women are equal before the law."

Hard to believe he's ever been there: but then he moves around in a bubble of taxpayer-funded security (for which we Brits pay £2m a year) without touching the ground much:

"On Sunday, I flew by helicopter from Jordan, crossed the West Bank and landed by the Knesset. It took me less than ten minutes."

If he had to use the buses he might realise what bollocks he was talking:

A parliamentary committee has said that ‘institutional recognition of segregation between men and women… does not comply with the principle of equality.’ But in February, Transportation Minister Yaakov Katz, of the right-wing Likud party, allowed gender-segregated bus lines to remain in operation ‘on a voluntary basis’.

So much for equality. Men and women in Israel -
Separate but Equal

..."human beings are born equal and should live free. It is in striving for that ideal that the state of Israel came into being."

What part of "a homeland for the Jewish people" does this genius not understand? The kind of "democracy" where full civil rights are only available for Jews. The kind of democracy where anti-government protests are met with live ammunition. The kind of democracy where political parties which believe in equal rights for all and government by the majority are banned.

"Iran must not be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons capability."

Even when the most belligerent country in the region, the only one to have invaded every single one of its neighbours, has been allowed for decades to build up an arsenal of uninspected, unverified and totally illegal nuclear weapons?

"Iran’s regime is the biggest de-stabilising influence in the region."

Only if you live in Blair's happy la-la land. Though I'm sure he'd soon change his tune if the Iranians offered him some money.

The really sad thing is that in the middle, between the Israel-can-do-no-wrong twaddle and the Iran-can-do-no-right bilge, he actually made some good points.

"It isn’t that sensible, well-intentioned people could not sit down and negotiate their way through the issues of borders, refugees, even Jerusalem. They could. Most people on both sides have a sense in their head of what the answer would be.

The challenge is not simply about what happens in the elevated heights of the negotiating chamber. The challenge arises from the breakdown of trust. And that is about what happens down in the street, in the daily experience of the people."

And here is a good reason for that sort of breakdown of trust. Sensible? Well-intentioned? Nope.


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