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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Straight from the Horse's A**e

In all seriousness, I have to thank BlairSupporter (aka Uncle Jimmy). If it weren't for folk like him and his faithful friend Margaret, faithfully transcribing Tone the Drone's recent interview on Fox News (but where else could he find an audience?) with failed Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee, the rest of us would have to watch the whole thing to find the hilarious bits. (I have watched enough to make sure that the bit I'm quoting isn't a transcription error - he really did say this).

OK. Here's the video (I can't bear to embed that vacant grin and sunbed tan: click if you want them). We begin at 2:15 into the clip:

"Here in this room yesterday I met representatives of the tourist industry. Israeli and Palestinians sitting there together, getting on extremely well, talking about the enormous potential of the Holy Land and agreeing out of that that what we do is mount a major promotion campaign for the Holy Land, Israel and Palestine together. And I went a couple of days ago, you’ll be fascinated by this, to a little place called Sebastia in the Palestinian territory. This is a place where there is Greek and Roman ruins actually going back to even before Greek and Roman times, and there is a church which is the Church of John the Baptist, actually now part of it is a mosque, part is still the old church and that’s where the remains of John the Baptist are said to be. So this is a fascinating, fabulous place." (My emphasis.)

Neat trick that. Isn't it funny how when he doesn't have a team of taxpayer-funded speechwriters the Slippery One can't even talk coherent English? I bet the Palestinians and Israelis are overjoyed to have him "supporting" their tourist industry. Perhaps he'll persuade Arabs to come and visit the pre-Islamic mosques....... What a pity he has no interest in persuading the Israelis to revisit their pre-1967 borders and get their sorry asses out of where they don't belong, for example "fascinating, fabulous" Sebastia.


At 17 February, 2010 15:25, Anonymous BlairSupporter said...

WOW! Nice one...

...NOT, Rob. Presumably you are refering to the "is" instead of "are"? Well, there may well be an explanation for that. Have you ever thought to say something and had started to use the correct participle of a verb, and while speaking you realised there were two or more of the subject of your sentence?
(Thus Greek and Roman ...)

For instance "there is an unsubstantiated rumour online concerning war crimes (speaker thinks) and lies."

Would you, as the speaker, if you were ever so moved to think at all like this then feel so semantically moved to pause and say, "sorry I meant there ARE unsubstantiated ...etc"?

That might kind of take the edge off your message, don't you think? Oh, sorry, I keep forgetting - you don't think.

The meaning of "is" will still penetrate even the dullest among us, even you.

Well, maybe not.

And here are a couple of like 'minds', just so you know you're not alone in this wicked world:


At 18 February, 2010 03:03, Blogger Rob said...

Yes, BS (suppressed giggle), of course that's what I was (snort) referring to. Your sage comment (sobs with laughter) has utterly routed my gra-a-a(sink to ground)-ammatical pedant-(finally loses control of bowels amid uncontrollable hoots of mirth)-try.

What else would it be?

Some time when my sides are aching less you must explain to me how I'm supposed to have a 'like mind' with someone who accuses the IDF of organ trafficking. I think I would have noticed if I'd done that, even amid the howls of laughter. While you're about it, do please explain how Baroness Tonge's comments, unpleasant though they are, render her a "traitor to Britain"? Or did we become a vassal state of Israel while I wasn't looking? Heaven only knows what poor Cherie's sister is supposed to have done: she isn't even a member of the government. Is relationship by marriage to a war criminal enough to make someone a traitor now? (Oops, sorry: "suspected war criminal". But wait: shouldn't the ladies then be "suspected traitors"? Or did I miss the bit where they were tried and convicted?) And as for being "slaves" of Iran's Press TV: maybe nobody pays you for your drivel, Jimmy, but you can be sure the Iranians paid them both plenty.

But if you were deliberately trying to make your comment so hilarious that I wouldn't consider deleting it no matter how many irrelevant links to off-topic videos you put in, then you succeeded beyond your wildest dreams.


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