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Saturday, February 06, 2010

One for Dexter, I think

Re the Hussain vigilante case (see here and here), and Tony Martin's becoming a hero in some quarters a few years ago for shooting a kid in the back with an illegal sawn-off shotgun and leaving him to bleed to death, here's something to lighten the tone:

A man called police to report a burglary in progress in his shed, and was told that there were no police available to deal with it. The same man called back minutes later saying "Don't worry about it, I've just shot them." Within minutes, his house was surrounded by police cars and even a helicopter. The robbers were duly caught in the act. The police said to the man "I thought you said you had shot them", to which the man replied "I thought that you had no-one available..."

Not that I really want to lighten the tone. What Martin and the Hussains have in common is that their victims were running away, and that they made no attempt to call the police but preferred to resort to murder or GBH to assuage their injured feelings.

I can't help wondering whether the Hussains would have been given their original extremely lenient sentences (remember, these guys beat someone round the head with a cricket bat while their mates held him down, not stopping when an onlooker screamed they were killing the guy, but only when the bat broke) had they not been millionaires. I also wonder, given the ease and rapidity with which they whistled up a gang of armed thugs, just what lines of business these "businessmen" are in. Just think: if they'd called the police instead of smashing their victim's brains in, maybe a spot of interrogation could have led to the other burglars' being arrested. Tony Martin didn't call the police because he didn't want his illegal gun to be found, and anyway it was only a couple of gypsies who got shot (TM's uncle founded the National Front, btw). What were the Hussains afraid the police might find out if they were called to their house?

I'd sooner have a dozen burglars walking the street than these vainglorious "heroes" who believe that their money gives them the right to do exactly as they choose and stuff the law. At least burglars admit that stealing is wrong: they just try not to be caught doing


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