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Friday, February 19, 2010

Official admission that there is no genuine "war on terror".

If the British government was really serious about its "war" on "terror" - if it were anything more than a phrase to justify any and every restriction on its own citizens' freedoms - we would by now have seen the departing and unregretted backs of the staff of the Israeli embassy in London (and anywhere else we have one) as they clambered aboard the final El Al flight from Heathrow. No diplomatic relations, no El Al landing rights, , a trade embargo and an end to British funding of Israeli research. Maybe the slaughter of a few hundred thousand Palestinians, the breach of a hundred or so UN resolutions and the creation of an unregulated programme of WMDs have never caused the British government to issue even a mild rebuke to Israel: but when its state terror comes closer to home and puts our citizens under suspicion of complicity and thus at risk of retaliation: well in that case, inaction is not just immoral but treasonous, putting the interest of another nation over that of Britain.

Last time Mossad was caught out using faked British passports in its worldwide killing spree, back in 1987, the Israeli government promised it wouldn't happen again. How many second chances do we give an enemy nation to put our citizens at risk by implicating them in its "false flag" state-sponsored murders?


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