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Thursday, February 18, 2010

O. M. F. G.

Apologies if I seem to be obsessing with my pet neo-loonie, but I really can't resist this. On Tuesday I posted this piece which I thought showed up Blair's dumbness when not speaking from a prepared script. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Uncle Jimmy showed up in the comment box. Now I have previously made it clear that his comments, like Roger Rabbit's escapology, will only be permitted if they're funny. And by golly, this one is funny. OK, the pathetic and irrelevant linkage of some video or other of Cherie Blair's sister and a LibDem I couldn't care less about spoils its perfection, but I believe it will still stand for many years to come as the pinnacle even of Uncle Jimmy's abject stupidity. Behold the intellectual powerhouse that is the British neofascist.

And you may call me cruel, but I have no intention whatever of telling Uncle Jimmy just how he has made such a total idiot of himself. In the event that the penny belatedly drops and he follows up with a second attempt, I shall refer him to rule no. 1 (the Roger Rabbit principle) as I delete his comment. Perfection must be protected.