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Sunday, February 14, 2010

A miscellany of stuff about Israel

First up, an article setting out Tony Blair's appalling record in the Middle East, and explaining why he's been such a disaster from the days of his premiership to the present.

Then a response to a New York Times op-ed telling familiar lies about Israel.

A great (Israeli) post about Israeli double standards. Oooh, those wicked Hamas fighters.

Article on bomb planted by IDF outside a Palestinian school, and interview with IDF sniper explaining that they target children over 12.

Brave IDF fighters use Palestinian children as human shields:

And here.

But that's not official policy, surely?

It is.

Anyway, the advantage of being the only democracy in the region is that your military doesn't have to obey laws it doesn't like.

(Another advantage is that you can ban opposition political parties you dont like from contesting elections. Though curse that bleeding-heart judiciary that doesn't understand how theocracydemocracy is supposed to work.)

A very interesting article about human shields of various kinds:

One of my own posts, linking the largely-unreported rocket attack by the Israeli settler on a Palestinian village, as well as the brave IDF man who shot a handcuffed prisoner and was allowed to get away with it.

And another reporting not only one of "C**t" Kerstein's more ridiculous spittle-drenched Islamophobic rants but the American Christian fundamentalist bomber (again, largely ignored by a compliant media which likes to see all terrorism as Islamic).

All things to call to mind the next time you hear someone describing Israel as the region's only democracy, with the most moral armed forces in the world, who never target civilians or use human shields. Israel, whose civilian population are impotent victims of Arab terrorism, never machine-gunning mosques, bombing hotels or firing rockets into villages. Just remember that not a single one of those statements is true.


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