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Friday, February 12, 2010

Dinner with the President.......

My eye was caught by a paragraph from From this report:

President Chavez's announcement came during the first broadcast of his new radio show, Suddenly with Chavez. He said the programme would always be preceded by the sound of a harp playing folk music.

"When you hear the pluck of a harp on the radio, maybe Chavez is coming. It's suddenly, at any time, maybe midnight, maybe early morning."

I couldn't help thinking of the scene in Woody Allen's Bananas (can't find a clip to show you, unfortunately) where he's just been invited to dinner with the president of a Central American country. He lies back on his hotel bed lost in a reverie "Dinner with the president....dinner with the president...", with swooshing harp music playing. Suddenly he looks puzzled, gets up and opens the wardrobe door to find the harpist is sitting in there playing. "I'm sorry Senor, but I couldn't find anywhere else to practise!"


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