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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ae fond post, and then we sever (Part One)

I have recently been banned from commenting on another blog, and just as with the first time (when I was denied entry to Kesher Talk's hallowed halls after taking issue with Judith Weiss's cheerleading for nuclear genocide) I am delighted. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

My attention was first caught when BlairSupporter, the anonymous perpetrator of Keep Tony Blair For PM, posted a comment on this post of mine. It was infantile and full of name calling, and it showed BS to be, well, the kind of guy you'd expect from his blog's title: a True Believer in the Cult of the Great Pretender, and not much in touch with the real world. So, an amusing blog to drop by and giggle at from time to time, which is what I did. I posted on him, he posted on me. Sometimes I posted comments at his site, more often I just gawped incredulously at the guy's naivete. Whatever. A bit like my Kesher Talk experience but without the crappy science fiction and the Hebrew obscenities.

BlairSupporter (actually, in the light of his own propensity for childish name-calling and worship for a compulsive liar, I tend to think of him more as BullShitter. If he insists on a pseudonym, and if the initials fit....) BS can be unintentionally hilarious. Take the following wonderful recent exchange. I make no apology for quoting at length: it's glorious. (And no, I'm not in it.)

We begin with a YouGov poll on Tony Blair's performance at the Chilcot Enquiry. Here it is.

More broadly, which of the following best sums up yourview of Tony Blair in respect of the Iraq war?

Even if some of the details were wrong, Mr Blair was right towarn that Saddam Hussein’s regime was extremely dangerous 31
Mr Blair misled Parliament and the public about the scale ofthe threat from Iraq but did not intend to do so 17
Mr Blair knowingly mislead Parliament and the public, but we should now move on and take no action against him 18
Mr Blair knowingly mislead Parliament and the public and should be tried as a war criminal 23
Don't know 11

So we have 41% who believe Blair deliberately lied, a further 17% who think he unintentionally misled Parliament, and 11 % don't knows. Only 31% believe that Blair didn't significantly mislead Parliament.

Yet how does BS, the scourge of inaccurate reporting, report this (in his usual HUGE CAPITALS and BRIGHT RED)?

So – what was that again? Oh yes, more than three-quarters polled think Tony Blair told the truth to parliament over Iraq. In other words the HUGE majority think he DID NOT LIE.

Did you read that headline anywhere this morning? Did the Sunday morning news bulletins lead with it?

Er, well, no, BullShitter, because you simply made it up and assumed we were all too stupid to look at the figures.

And then, even better, when he realised how transparent that lie was, he simply pretended he'd said something else altogether:


Just as I said right here. (Link back to the post above)

So, I was right, guys (Lee, cantbearsed, and nn)! (Three commenters.) Your heartfelt apologies are graciously accepted. Next time you try to get Tony Blair into court over the press’s (mis)interpretation of the facts, make sure you understand the FACTS first.
The really funny thing is the comment stream for BS's original post, where Lee picks him up on his lie. BS refuses to apologise or accept that he was talking, well, BS, and he blusters along in his you're-too-stupid-to-understand-grown-ups-like-me manner before changing his tack as per the second post and claiming that was what he'd said in the first place. The best bit is that in his early responses to Lee he explicitly states that he hasn't even read the poll and simply made up both questions and answers out of his head! (Note to self - check his site in a few days time to see whether he has deleted those revealing comments, because he tends to do that if people catch him out.) Here are the relevant paragraphs in case he does:

January 19, 2010 at 11:53 pm

I have a had a good look around the internet but I cannot find this poll anywhere. Not at YouGov nor at The Times. Perhaps it was TOO embarrassing to leave online! Perhaps you can do better than me, find it and send me the link.

But since there was NO reference to a “don’t know” option intelligent people can assume that it was Yes/No answer options.

At a guess I’d suggest the question was probably put this way:

Q:Do you think Tony Blair lied to parliament over the Iraq invasion?
A: Yes/No.

January 20, 2010 at 11:21 am

As I mentioned – I have not seen the actual poll(s) yet. Have you? But it is clear that there was more than ONE question asked.


Which is why I used to find this buffoon entertaining before he began to call for his political enemies to be imprisoned indefinitely without trial (George Monbiot and others) and published the address of the lawyer of another (Anjem Choudary) with a request that his readers tell this "enemy within" - the lawyer, mind, not Choudary - what they thought of him (no doubt with a petrol bomb or a brick through the window). Also before I realised that on 13 February 2009 he posted - actually reposted, not just linked - a seriously nasty article (otherwise linked only from Stormfront, the BNP site, as far as a Google search could show) which purports to give "facts" about Islam. You know, like the way Muslims carry out human sacrifice and are exhorted by Islam to rape women and children. I tried to explain to BullShitter that the latter article rather gave the lie to his declaration, in a response to one of my comments, that he didn't seek a Muslim-free Britain, merely one free from Islamic extremists. When I asked him which moderate paedophiles and non-extreme human sacrificers he was planning to turn a blind eye to, he banned me. Bless. (He claims he reprinted the article to show that we have free speech in this country: then when I complained about it he banned me. ROFLMAO.)

On the bright side, the longer his nasty little site has Tony Blair's name in its title and his picture in its masthead, the worse it will look for Blair.

In a comment that he has since removed (a great one for historical revisionism, our BS, as we saw above) but which is still partly visible via Google's cache, he called for George Monbiot to be arrested, charged and locked up (notice the missing step there?). "For life, preferably, to give us time to get this country back together again with ONLY people who care."

This silly little strutter with delusions of relevance reminds me of nobody more than Uncle Jimmy in the Reginald Perrin books and TV series. In one episode Jimmy told Reggie of his plan for an armed underground movement to wrest control of Britain from the wicked lefties and immigrants. Reggie's response fits BullShitter and his cohort of sock puppets (sorry, "people who care") to a T (or a TB):

"You realise who you’re going to draw to your secret army? Thugs. Bully-boys. Psychopaths. Sacked policemen. Security guards. Sacked security guards. National Front. National Back. National Back to Front. Racialists. Pakki-bashers. Queer-bashers. Anybody-bashers. Basher-bashers. Rear Admirals. Queer Admirals. Fascists. Neo-Fascists. Loonies. Neo-Loonies."

[The Return of Reginald Perrin, by David Nobbs, Chapter 6]

Bye bye, neo-loonie.

P.S. While looking for one of the links above I came across this post which I'd previously missed. Yes, Uncle Jimmy is a Birther! I hadn't realised we had any of those in Britain. I had thought it a uniquely American form of dementia. Still, Uncle Jimmy doesn't like POTUS as this recent post confirms. Funny how anti-American that one is, for someone who has complained about Guardian readers' knee-jerk anti-Americanism. Maybe President Obama just isn't the right kind of American......


At 13 February, 2010 11:52, Anonymous BlairSupporter said...

Hello Rob,

So kind of you to mention me. And yes my alias has been used to puerile effect by others too.

Now, where was this bit? -

'In a comment that he has since removed (a great one for historical revisionism, our BS, as we saw above) but which is still partly visible via Google's cache, he called for George Monbiot to be arrested, charged and locked up (notice the missing step there?). "For life, preferably, to give us time to get this country back together again with ONLY people who care."'

Point us, please to the "now removed" Google cache.

I do not recall moving anything concerning the idiot Monbiot from the site. In fact I never DO remove anything at all, even when such as you think I should. At times I will augment posts with an explanation as to why I have augmented, but I do not remove posts or content within.

So show us please, via a link.

And in case THIS needs repetition on Monbiot, here it is:

"... George Monbiot to be arrested, charged and locked up"

The 'missing step'? You mean "tried and found guilty"? The same missing step that the press and bloggers such as yourself, in their constant negation of due process, use daily towards Tony Blair? Tony Blair, the "war criminal."

Once such as you stop declaring ANYONE a criminal before they are tried and found guilty I will stop exposing your hypocrisy.

At 13 February, 2010 20:22, Blogger Rob said...


I do apologise for my mistake over the "deleted" comment: for some reason Google had trouble finding the whole of it it a day or so back. Here is the comment. Glad to clear that up.

Regarding the matter of whether Blair can be described as a "criminal" before he is a convicted one: you are correct in law, of course, but few people are as pedantic or finicky in normal speech when referring to those still to be brought to justice. I haven't yet located any references by you or TB to Saddam's "crimes", or to him as a "criminal", prior to 5 November 2006 when he was convicted. Better hope you never slipped up there, because I will happily link anything I find. You do both refer to him though as a "butcher" and a "murderous dictator". So will it be OK if I refer to TB as an "arrogant slaughterer" provided I don't call him a criminal? In any event, the Americans are less fussy. I haven't started searching Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld speeches yet, but here, for starters, is the US War Crimes Ambassador in 2000:

"Thank you, David Mack, for your kind introduction, and thanks to you and to the Middle East Institute and the Iraq Foundation for sponsoring this important conference on the crimes against humanity and war crimes of Saddam Hussein and his regime."

He goes on to say:

"Our primary objective is to see Saddam Hussein and the leadership of the Iraqi regime indicted and prosecuted by an international criminal tribunal."

So for the United States' Ambassador-at-large for War Crimes Issues - and I guess you would agree he might know a thing or two about the matter - Saddam could be decsribed as committing crimes even before he had been arrested and charged with them. Well then, so can Tony Blair. If he doesn't like it, he can submit to trial: what, after all, does he have to fear if he's as innocent as you make out? If you don't like it, well, unlucky for you. Please don't stop "exposing my hypocrisy": I assure you I have not the slightest intention of ceasing to expose yours.

By the way, in case you should mistake me for someone who gives a fuck about hurting your feelings, I am not proposing in general to let you comment here any more. In this case I made a mistake and am happy to correct it by pointing to the comment I couldn't find. That's because the linked comment makes you look pathetic. Think of your commenting here from now on as being like Roger Rabbit's escaping from his handcuffs: only allowed when it's funny. While your other comment confirmed my remark about the Ahmadinehad urban myth, you didn't apologise for you error and I didn't feel the need to retain your supporting comment. Post what you like on your own site.

At 13 February, 2010 20:55, Blogger Rob said...

I was amused at your more recent tirade at George's campaign. If he's annoying you that much he must be doing something right.

You quote this:

“The first world war secured votes for women, allowed the young to challenge a corrupt gerontocracy and began to crack the class system, but you would be hard put to argue that this justified the slaughter in the trenches. Europe has been a safer and more prosperous place since the conclusion of the second world war: this doesn’t mean that the Axis powers were right to launch it.”

And respond thus:

"For Monbiot NO WAR is ever justified, even when a country is clearly under immediate attack or threat of attack. How do we let such people write for newspapers? Even the Guardian? This is not an opinion, this is madness."

The examples quoted are the First and Second World Wars. I believe there are plenty of historians who doubt whether the First World War was necessary, so to write George's reservations off as "madness" is simply ignorance on your part. You may not agree with them, but they're not mad. As for the second, George does not say that Britain was wrong to respond when attacked. He says the Axis powers were wrong to launch it. You know, the Axis powers?

Or perhaps you think Hitler was right to start the war because of the obvious threat we posed to his plan to get Europe back together again with only people who care?

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