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Monday, January 04, 2010

A year early yet to have a Man of the Decade, but a strong contender

Any day now the Chilcot Enquiry will kick off again and we will once again be subjected to a regular barrage of obsequious toadying by Blair groupies in which the Great Pretender will be praised to the heights for having saved Britain from destruction at the hands of a religious madman with WMDs. No wait, sorry, that was Blair: saved Britain from commercial embarrassment by a secular madman without WMDs. That's better.

By way of an antidote, or at least something to take away the taste of the word "Blair", here is an article about a real hero: someone who really did display moral courage of the highest order to try to reduce the threat to us all from clandestine, uninspected and unregulated nuclear weapons. For this he was kidnapped, flung in jail after a show trial whose outcome was never in question, and since his release has been barred from travelling and from speaking to foreigners, so is unable to rejoin his family or, as his most recent arrest shows, enter into a normal relationship with a woman. All this in what laughably terms itself a democracy, and with no breath of condemnation from our government (led for some of that time by Tony the Bringer of Regime Change to Nations with Unregulated WMDs, Provided, Y'know, that it's What George Wants).

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mordechai Vanunu, whose reputation towers over that of the moral pygmies who abducted and imprisoned him, and those of their successive shills in Downing Street and the White House.


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