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Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

Best wishes for 2010 to all my readers.

In case you were wondering what I've been doing over New Year, Hilary and I were up at the Ballater flat. I wasn't very well organised: I had managed to forget until the last minute that I was actually on call for 28 December, which is when we'd planned to travel up. So I stayed behind and H went up, stopping off en route to get some skiing at Glenshee where the snow was very good. The next day (Tuesday) I took the train to Aberdeen and the bus from there to Ballater, while Hilary had an amazingly good day's skiing at the Lecht. Not too busy, fabaulous snow and good weather. So the following day we both went back there. I have to say my previous experience of Scottish skiiing had not, on the whole, been all that positive, the words "busy" and "slush" coupled with "grass" being the ones that come to mind. No danger of slush or grass on Wednesday though, with a heavy fall of snow having been followed by days of deeply sub-zero temperatures. We had a good day's skiing and then were fortunate enough to chat to a policeman who had just been told our road back had closed because of drifting snow and the lack of an immediately available gritter. So we piled into the car and headed off for what was now a 70+ mile trip home rather than the 30 or so on the outward leg. Came back over the Dufftown-Rhynie road which is often closed but was still open: famously remote and a bit interesting in places with snow, but passable. Back in time for dinner at Ballater's Italisn restaurant. Then on Hogmanay we had a wander round the golf course in our snowshoes (which we hadnt had a good opportunity to use before) we decamped to Braemar where we spent the evening with our godchildren and their mother, finishing a large jigsaw, drinking, eating, drinking chatting and drinking again. Then it was 2010. This morning we peered out at the not inconsiderable overnight snowfall, waited for the snowplough to clear the road we were staying on, then headed off over Glenshee to Edinburgh. And here we are.

Here's the River Dee at Ballater in the snow:

And here am I, displaying my snowshoes:

Back home with my broadband link, so blog ahoy!

Happy new year again!


At 02 January, 2010 15:38, Anonymous Kimberly Aardal said...

Happy New Year to you too! I'm glad to hear that you had a good ski experience. I like to hear stories from other areas of the world about winter sports.


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