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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Funny what you find

Funny how things work out. I was searching online for the video clip of Benny Hill as Pierre de Terre, French nouvelle vague director, being interviewed by an enormously pretentious Henry McGee and deflating him with his innocent replies. Couldn't find it (the clip had been removed by the user - doh!) but in one of those serendipitous leadings-on from one search to another I found this amazing clip from Xanadu starring Olivia Newton-John. I knew the song of course (heck, I bought the record) but I'd never seen any of the film footage. Truly, the past is a foreign country....

And here she is on a TV show with Andy Gibb and Abba doing Beach Boys numbers.

And here, finally, is Olivia doing one of her best songs, Magic (also from Xanadu, in fact, though here in a live performance). She looks great, and sounds great, but doesn't her dancing look dated? Mind you, who cares?


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