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Monday, January 25, 2010

Dog Day Morning

We went up to Ballater this weekend, thinking we might get some more skiing in while Scotland has decent snow. the forecast was for rather iffy weather, though still for good snow conditions. So there we were, arriving at the Lecht ski area pretty much as it opened on Saturday morning. And we sat in the car and looked at the weather. It was snowing wetly, and miserable, and a little windy, and visibility was rubbish. So we ast and thought, and thought and sat, said "Stuff this for a game of soldiers" and hightailed it down to Aviemore where (apart from various climbing shops and coffee shops) there just happened to be the British Sled Dog Championship taking place, on snow for the first time in 15 years. So naturally, that's where we found ourselves. And it was wonderful. After a while we began to feel that the actual racing was beginning to look rather repetitive, but the surroundings - comprising several thousand dogs and owners and equipment - remained endlessly fascinating. Don't get me wrong, the races were fun: seeing how very different the best and worst times were over a four mile course was fascinating in itself. But watching the sleds whoosh past: that began to get a bit repetitive. Though my heart did go out to the guy whose lead dog decided - about 80 metres from the start - to stop and take a dump right by where we were standing. When that dog was good and ready, and quite emptied, mushing recommenced - and not before.

We certainly felt we'd had an enjoyable visit (much more fun than skiing in bad weather) , and we will return , even if next year it's back to racing on the wheeled sleds which resemble low-slung racing tricycles.

There follow a few pictures (taken by Hilary). A team starting off:

A somewhat less energetic team after four miles of hauling:

An even less energetic team at the finish (note the musher having to help the sled along with his foot):

Off duty dogs:

A probable future competitor (this Samoyed was 13 weeks old):

And an oft-repeated statement of priorities:


At 01 February, 2010 19:09, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Dog sleds on wheels? That seems amusing in itself.

At 10 February, 2010 02:59, Blogger Rob said...

Oh bah! Just because you guys always have snow...

..wait, you live in Vegas. You NEVER have snow! Maybe snowless dogsledding will be the next thing in Nevada.


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